“Flowers is one of those records that is not simply heard, but is experienced. The melodious voices have a sort of haunting after effect, and the fact that all of this emotion is created in a half-hour EP is remarkable.”

— Sir Alistair,

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Featured Music

Loosies v3: Soft Pretzel Power Ballads

Released: Mon, 08/25/2014

  1. Soft Pretzel Power Ballads Intro
  2. Sacred Papercuts
  3. Salad Ballad
  4. The Real McCoy (Freestyle)
  5. The Pelican
  6. Fat Slut & a Bucket of Chicken
  7. Moonshine Remix
  8. Commercial Break
  9. Losses Remix
  10. Card Games
  11. FSBC2
  12. Early On My Bornday

Featuring: Reef the Lost Cauze, Burke the Jurke, Skrewtape, Slaughter Rico, Scanz, Nico The Beast and more.